Environment Variables

If you wanna use Environment Variables in your callback's argument, like an API key or anything else, you need to follow the next steps.

Create a hygie-env repo

First of all, you need to create a PRIVATE hygie-env git repository in the same organization of your repo(s) using Hygie.

For example, if you have the following git repositories using our solution:

  • /user/project1
  • /user/project2
  • /organization/project1
  • /organisation/project2

You need to create the two following repositories:

  • /user/hygie-env
  • /organisation/hygie-env

Make sure your repo is PRIVATE because it will contain all the secrets you want to share with Hygie app.

Add a webhook

Then, add a webhook with the url: --OUR_URL--/env-var with the push event.

When you will commit your changes, we will be noticed and save your data encoded.

Add an env.yml file

Finally, you need to create an env.yml file that follow the syntax:

  - name: project1
      API_KEY: 'yourapikey'
      REGEXP: '^.*$'
  - name: project2
      API_KEY: 'anotherapikey'
  - name: project3
      EMAIL_ADDRESS: 'your@email.address'

With the same file, you're able to configure all the projects using Hygie.