Register CRON jobs

cron-*.rulesrc file

CRON jobs files are rules files. Therefore, there are identical to the .rulesrc file and can be generate thank's to our config generator.

But be carefull, your rules will be executed periodically. There is no Webhook thrown. Consequently, only rules with Cron event are allowed inside your rule file.

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Available in CRON jobs


As said in the Getting Started section, you have to put all your CRON files in your .hygie folder.

Everytime you're creating / updating / deleting a cron file into that directory, it will create / update / delete the cron job automatically.

A cron file is a classical .rulesrc file, but with an optional option : the cron expression cron, which default value is 0 0 6-20/1 * * *. That means, every hour from 6am to 8pm every day.

Cron jobs cannot be processed more than 1 time per hour.

You can use to generate your CRON expression.