Register your Application

This API allows you to interact with Github or Gitlab repositories. You can update commit status, add comments on issues or Pull Request/ Merge Request, etc.

In order to do it, we need a token.

Theses informations will be stored in our server and will be accessible only by us.

Go to the Github or Gitlab section following your needs.

Once the corresponding form will be filled, a Connected to Hygie! issue will be created in your repository. If not, please check the provided token.


The easiest way to include our solution if you're using Github, is to use our OAuth App. Just fill your project's url and click the registration link.

This will open a new tab and ask you to login with Github.

This could take a few seconds, please wait.

Other solution

If you don't want to use the previous solution, you can generate yourself your token. Navigate to to generate a new token. You just need to fill the token description field and give it the repo and admin:repo_hook scopes.

Then, complete the Gitlab form with your Github repository and token.

Self hosted Github server

If your project is hosted on a personal/enterprise server, you need to fill the Gitlab form. Indeed, the API URL is not the same and need to be set manually.


First, generate a personal token: go to and fill the name field with the name of your token, choose an expiration date and give it the api scope.

Then, fill the following form: