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An easy-to-use Open-Source API to manage and automate your project's life cycle.


Tired to add and configure a lot of apps like stale, lock, WIP or trafico to manage your GIT project?

With Hygie you can do all these stuff and much more, with only one app and configuration file!

Updating commit status, creating work in progress pull request, auto-closing outdated issues or pull requests, interacting with external API, deploying your documentation, creating CRON jobs... all these things you can do with Hygie.

Hygie is an easy-to-use Open-Source REST API allowing you to interact with GIT events. It expose a set of customizable Rules to automate your project's life cycle.

Quick Getting Started

To use our solution, just register your application: this will create a webhook in your repository and an Connected to Hygie! issue, to ensure that everything worked fine.

You can now create your configuration file to fit your needs, or continue working on your project without any changes and using our default configuration file, with our good practices.

For more informations, read the Getting Started section.

Wanna host your own Hygie app?

Have a look at the dedicated section if you want to host your own instance of our Hygie app.


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